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  • “People are by far (at least in my opinion) the best part of Burma. Everywhere I felt welcomed by wonderful smiles and a kindness that comes from the heart. Burmese are so spontaneously sweet.
    Everywhere, kids and adults were waving hello, asking my name, offering help if they thought I was lost. It was funny as well to see how they are attracted by cameras, asking for a picture, proudly posing and then looking at their image as if it were the most beautiful thing, somehow a little magical. I wish I had the opportunity to print the photos for them, so that they may keep them as a memory.” By Simon Falvo
  • “It's my third time to Burma over the past 8 years and it remains as magical as always. There is more good happening now for sure.” By Cari Gray
  • "Now is the best time to travel to Burma as it remains one of the world’s most mysterious and untouched destinations.

    I felt an instant connection with Burma. Why? Burma reminds me of the Vietnam where I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s. The friendly Burmese people invite you into their lives and their culture. The Burmese children in particular, are an inquisitive delight. And the scenery is just stunning.

    But despite Burma’s natural wealth and stunning scenery, disparities remain conspicuous and poverty is pronounced. Everywhere, children spend their days as street sellers and labouring on farms or the river banks. Many live in the numerous orphanages and monasteries.

    This magical place has inspired me to establish Beyond Myanmar. I want to share with you my travel experience, as well as the many natural and cultural wonders of this magnificent country. I also invite you to share my passion to improve the circumstances of the children of Burma through the contribution of Beyond Myanmar’s profits to selected charitable projects and orphanages." By Holly Mullaney, founder of Beyond Myanmar.

  • “It’s a beautiful and fascinating country, reminiscent of what much of South East Asia was like more than thirty years ago. The sense of excitement is palpable and the Burmese are overwhelmingly friendly and gracious. Sacred sites rarely visited by Westerners and incredible architecture makes this a magical destination.” By James Thornton
  • "Because the country has been so isolated, the deeply Buddhist 'Land of the Golden Pagoda' resonates with a strong sense of place, undiluted by mass tourism and warmed by genuine hospitality," the New York Times said in January, ranking the country third on its list of the top 45 destinations of 2012.

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