Why Choose Us?

Travel as it’s meant to be

Our individual, private tours and small group style of travel means you’ll be with a group of like-minded souls, interested in experiencing REAL local life and culture. You’ll have the incomparable knowledge of a local guide to take you away off the beaten track and into a world that few have yet discovered. If you prefer to travel solo or follow a tailor-made itinerary, we can design an individual tour or simply arrange your travel and accommodation.

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Travel with a heart

Part of the profits from travel booked with Beyond Myanmar are returned to carefully selected local organisations that support those most in need in this ancient nation. In particular, Beyond Myanmar will support children to attend school without being separated from their families. Our tours are not only designed to be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, but through our donation schemes, you’ll know that your travel really does make a difference.

Meet Holly

The face and name and spirit behind Beyond Myanmar is Holly Mullaney, who was inspired to set up Beyond Myanmar after a personal trip to the country.

Not only does Holly want to share the many natural and cultural wonders of this magnificent country with others, but she’s also passionate about helping its people.

Holly arrived in Australia as a migrant in 1996. Now qualified with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Tourism and Hospitality, Master of Education, and Juris Doctor of Law, she’s someone who believes deeply that every action can help build a better future for us all.

In her spare time, Holly volunteers with Earth Rights International as a lawyer for the Mekong region, and as a registered lawyer at Community Legal Centres in Melbourne, Australia.


"Now is the best time to travel to Burma as it remains one of the world’s most mysterious and untouched destinations.

I felt an instant connection with Burma. Why? Burma reminds me of the Vietnam where I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s. The friendly Burmese people invite you into their lives and their culture. The Burmese children in particular, are an inquisitive delight. And the scenery is just stunning.

But despite Burma’s natural wealth and stunning scenery, disparities remain conspicuous and poverty is pronounced. Everywhere, children spend their days as street sellers and labouring on farms or the river banks. Many live in the numerous orphanages and monasteries.

This magical place has inspired me to establish Beyond Myanmar. I want to share with you my travel experience, as well as the many natural and cultural wonders of this magnificent country. I also invite you to share my passion to improve the circumstances of the children of Burma through the contribution of Beyond Myanmar’s profits to selected charitable projects and orphanages."  Holly Mullaney, founder and director of Beyond Myanmar.