Eight Lakes Horse Riding Tour

Duration: 14 nights/15 days

Highlights of the program

- See Mongolian traditional concert

- Visit to Mongolian nomadic family and taste Mongolian traditional dairy products

- Ride a horse

- Mongolian BBQ

Staying in tent for 9 nights, in ger and tourist resort for 2 nights and in hotel 3 nights

Discovering Mongolia on horseback is a real taste of Mongolia. The strong Mongol horses which were the most powerful companions when Chinggis Khaan and his successors conquered half of the world in the 13th century.

On this tour, we will ride to Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes those lie 2400 m above sea level in Khangai mountain range. This scenic place is accessible only on horseback or on foot. The Eight Lakes are called Shireet, Mukhar, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Duruu, Khuis and Onon those lakes located 500m to 3 kms from each other. The lakes were created by volcanic eruption. 11,500 hectares area of Eight Lakes has been protected under state protection since 1992.

The first half of our riding will take place in hilly steppes while last days will be in mountainous and forested area. Also, you will learn about the distinctive way of nomadic life

Day1. Ulaanbaatar capital

Arrive at Chinggis Khaan International Airport and check in hotel. After some rest we will have lunch. Then we will visit Main Square Sukhbaatar and Chinggis Khan’s Monument, Bogd Khaan Palace museum and see Mongolian traditional performance. Welcome to dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day2. Elsen Tasarkhai or Semi Desert

Breakfast, drive to Elsen tasarhai sand dunes /210 km & 4-6 hours driving/. The area is surrounded by sand dunes, hills covered with rare bushes and a small forest near a river and lake. Together this presents a unique combination of Mongolian mountains, forests and Gobi-type landscape in one location. After dinner walking on sand dunes with bushes and vegetation, Stay overnight in tent

Day 3. Kharkhorum

Breakfast, Drive to Khara Khorin town, where developed Khara Khorum capital of Great Mongolian Empire in 13-th century, Explore Erdene Zuu Monastery Museum - First Biggest Buddhist Center in medieval ages and it was closed and badly damaged in1930's, Explore Turtle rock on the south hill, Lunch at the tourist camp, Visit to horse breeder's family to explore the nomadic lifestyle and to have talking with nomads about their life and tradition, There is nice chance to try Mongolian national drink-Airag-fermented mare's milk and other milk products, Experience daily activities of local people, 1 hour horseback riding, Dinner-Mongolian Cuisine-Barbecue picnic, Stay overnight in tent

Day 4. Horseback riding to Orkhon River basin

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to Orkhon River basin, On the way explore ancient graves dated 3B.C in orkhon river basin, Lunch, Continue horse riding to Orkhon river basin area, Dinner, Stay overnight in tent camping

Day 5. Horseback riding to Tovkhon Temple

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to Khangai Nuruu National Park, On the way explore nature beauty forestry rolling hills,, Lunch, Continue horse riding to Tovkhon temple, Dinner, Stay overnight in tent camping

Day 6. Visit to Tovkhon Temple

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to Tovkhon Temple on peak of Khangai Mt., Visit to Buddhist temple, After lunch hiking to small cave called mother belly, Soft hiking to the peak of hill with stupa, where the surrounding nature view looks fascinating, Free trekking in the mountains, Horse riding to Orkhon waterfall, Dinner, Stay in tent camping

Day7. Visit to Orkhon waterfall

Breakfast, Horse riding to Ulaantsutgalan biggest waterfall and small waterfall, Lunch, Visit to Yak herder family and Enjoy mongolian diary products and national drink-fermented milk of horse, Dinner, Stay in ger

Day 8. Horseback riding to Bodongiin am

Breakfast, Horse riding to Bodongiin Am, Lunch, Continue horse riding, Dinner, Stay in tent camping

Day 9. Naiman Nuur - Eight lakes - Horseback riding

Breakfast, Start horse riding to Naiman Nuur- 8 lakes /25 km & 1 hours tough driving in high mountainous area and in the pineapple tree forest, This is very attractive and much fun to explore the nature beauty and wildlife and 8 lakes in the vast valley and mountainous area, Picnic Lunch in the forest, Horseback riding to 1-5 lake called Huis lake, Campfire works in the evening, Dinner, Stay overnight in tent camping on lakeshore

Day 10. Horseback riding to lakes

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to 6-8 lakes: Hunt, Haliun Dugui lakes, /15 km/, Horseback riding or walking in valley of rocky hills, Picnic Lunch, Horseback riding to 5th lake, Dinner, Stay overnight in tent camping on lakeshore Shiree Tsagaan Lake, which is the biggest and 8-th lake in this valley

Day 11. Horseback riding to 3-rd lake

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to 3 lake: Haliun lake, /15 km/, Horseback riding or walking in valley of rocky hills, Picnic Lunch, Horseback riding to 5th lake, Dinner, Stay overnight in tent camping

Day 12. Horseback riding to Bodongin Am

Breakfast, Horseback trekking to Bodongiin Am, where the jeeps are waiting for the group, Drive to tourist camp, Lunch, Explore the yak herder family lifestyle, Dinner, Stay overnight in tourist camp

Day13. Ulaanbaatar city

Breakfast, Drive to Ulaanbaatar back /450 km and 12-13 hours driving/, On the way en-route stops for soft drinks and rest and box Lunch, Transfer to hotel, dinner, Stay in hotel

Day14. Ulaanbaatar capital

Breakfast, City tour including visits to Gandantegchilen Monastery- Present biggest monastery, which houses for giant standing Buddha statue, National History Museum gives you real insight into Mongolian origin and history, Lunch, Natural History Museum offers nice chance to see petrified dinosaur skeletons and nestled eggs, Visit main Square Sukhbaatar, Friendship Monument on Zaisan hill, Free time for shopping the main street shops, art shops and antique shops, National Folk Performance Concert with songs and contortion acts, Dinner, Stay in hotel

Day15. Departure

Breakfast, Transfer to the airport/ train station, Departure