Grampians Discovery Day Tour

Grampians Discovery Day Tour


• Mackenzie Falls walks (The biggest)
• Boroka Lookout (Best views over Halls Gap)
• Scenery / Views of Mt Difficult Range
• Reids Lookout / Balconies (Views over Victoria valley)
• Aboriginal Art Site
• Halls Gap
• Interpretation Centre & Brambuk Aboriginal Centre
• Piccaninny Walk

Morning Tea & Lunch Provided

Your guide will meet you at your accommodation and after introductions, we head out along the Glenelg Highway.

Flat farmland of the Western Plains contrasts to mountain ranges that form as we approach Dunkeld, the Southern gateway to the Grampians.

After a short walk to Piccaninny lookout, you can see the great plains of Western Victoria, Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt forming the Southern edge of the Serra Range and to the west, the spectacular Victoria Range and valley.

After Lunch in Halls Gap, you will be taken to the Northern part of the Grampians National Park.

Relax and unwind with space to think. Be surrounded by extraordinary landscapes, glorious wildflowers & abundant wildlife.

A unique walk/drive tour introducing you to the Grampians National Park most popular destinations, discover spectacular natural attractions from the “Balconies” to “Mackenzie Falls” while enjoying the Parks extensive wildflowers & wildlife.

Departures from Melbourne or Ballarat

About Grampians

Renowned for rugged mountain ranges, rich cultural heritage and breathtaking views, the Grampians National Park is one of Victoria's most popular destinations.

Famous for its spectacular scenery, the 168,000 hectare park is also regarded for its ecological diversity and south-eastern Australia's highest concentration of Aboriginal rock art.

The Grampians boasts more than a third of Victoria's flora, and visitors delight in the active population of kangaroos, wallabies, emus, reptiles and birds.  Over 1,000 wildflower species bloom with stunning colour, especially during spring.

When it comes to walks and drives, there are many to chose from for all capabilities taking you to spectacular waterfalls, lookout, rock formations and escarpments.