Proboscis Monkey Encounter

Tour Code : PBH04

Duration: 2 hours (0800-100hrs / 1530-1730hrs)

Proboscis Monkey’s (Nasalis Larvatus) average life span is 13.5 years. The average weight of a male is between 16 to 22 kg and the female is between 7 to 12 kg. All have obvious pot bellies. The female has smaller and more upturned nose.

The water taxi will take you through the famous Water Village before entering the mangrove forest with its unique adaptations and abundant wildlife. Long-tailed Macaque, Stork Billed Kingfisher, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Brahminy Kites and egrets etc. are some species of birds you are expected to see.

Cruise leisurely through the mangrove in search of the Proboscis Monkey. You are able to see a group of this monkey which had excited the curiosity of visitors to Borneo since colonial times.

Note: Bring a pair of binocular, hat or cap 

Minimum no of pax : 2 Adults