Duration: 01 Day

Pick you up from your hotel at 8:30 AM and visit the following places:


Located in the province of Urubamba to 3,300 m.a.s.l. then we will be able to appreciate the snow-covered mountain range of the Vilcanota and summits: “The Chikón” (5530 m.a.s.l.), “Putukisi”, “the Veronica” (5682 m.a.s.l.).
Attractive colorful town guard the pre-Hispanic, colonial and republican period, emphasizing in the town colonial streets.


Located 7 kms from Maras the microclimates of the terraces or platformssurronding the larger funnel are distributed in four contiguous section of levels, each sector microclime features themselves. The four lower platforms are wet and have low soil temperatures due to the higher water evapotranspiration. The flooring of the upper platform sector have higher temperatures, higher level have temperatures, higher lever may be higher or lower according to the variation in sun exposure in the course of the seasons. The month of greater differentiation microclime are the dry season May, June July and the sowing August, September , October, November. Several theories explain the use of Moray inka times. According to historians Edward Ranney, the inkas used the terraces of Moray as special place for agriculture, perhaps development of its most precious crop was coca leaves.


Is an spectacular place where salt water spring gushes forth from this high altitude mountain and tumbles down the mountain side into individual evaporation which had been full operational in bringing the people of the highlands salt ever since inka’s time.


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