This tour is known as the route of the sun or the route from where Manco Inka arrived to Cusco from the Qollao. We are going to visit Tipon; The pre-Inca architecture of the Wari culture in Pikillacta; In the same way we will visit Andahuaylillas which is better known as the "Sistine Chapel of America" it stands out for its unique murals in the world.


Start from Cusco with direction to the south, as first we visit Tipon, then Pikillacta and ending in the “Church Sistine of America” in Andahuaylillas.


This archaeological complex is one of the largest works of irrigation on the terraces called also platforms, the incredible distribution of the water channels on the open air; was built by the Inca Wiracocha.


It is considered at present as one of the best known and best preserved pre-Inca cities in Peru.

Piquillaqta, pre-Inca citadel maintains its ancient mystery of interesting architecture, near the lagoon of Huacarpay. Archaeological center characterized by level of construction with stones made in lime and gypsum, Strangely called at the end of the colony with the quechua term Pikillaqta (piki = flea ; llaqta = village) which means "flea village", stands out the distribution of its harmonious buildings and symmetrical blocks with straight streets that considered various sectors, such as administrative, ceremonial, urban and defensive, as well as the road system.


Arriving at the main square, we'll see how it stands the Temple of San Pedro called by some historians and travelers The Sistine Chapel of America, dates back to the 16th century. Stand out its wonderful wall paintings, works by renowned painters of the era which include Diego Quispe Tito. The pieces are part of the art Baroque more important of the Peru.

The church also house a collection of paintings of the Cusco School never seen, which represents the life of San Pedro (with impressive frames in gold leaf), a majestic organ, silver goldsmiths and a baroque altar.

Ending our tour we are going to leave you at your hotel.

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