Kharkhorin And Khustai National Park Tour

Duration: 3 days


It is an opportunity to see three of the most famous attractions close to Ulaanbaatar during your short trip in Mongolia; awe-inspiring Erdenezuu Monastery, see wild horses roaming through holy hills of Hustai National Park and the feature of the Gobi desert in Elsentasarkhai.

Erdenezuu monastery was built on the ruins of ancient capital Kharkhorum in the wide valley of the Orkhon River that was registered in UNESCO as a world cultural heritage as the valley has rich historical remains ranging from prehistoric time to present day.

Takhi, the last survival of wild horses were successfully reintroduced in Hustai National Park. Hustai national park is one of few places you can see the wild horses in the wild in the world. Except for the wild horses, the beautiful national park is home to wild species such as wolves, gazelles, marmots, pray of birds and water birds.

Day1. Drive to Khustai National park and walking

Today we will drive to Khustai NP. The park lies in the foothills of southern Khentii mountain range and it is the place where you can see wild horse called Takhi known as Przewalski horse to the world. The wild horses survive in nature by themselves because they have been reintroduced successfully to their homeland after 40 years of extinction. Currently, the number of Takhi has already reached more than 170. Visit to local museum. We will make horse riding for one hour. Overnight in ger in the tourist resort

Day2. Drive to Kharkhorin, ancient capital of Mongolia and Mongol els

We will drive to ancient capital city Kharakhorum. In 1220 great Chinghis Khaan declared it as the capital city of his vast Empire. Today there are many interesting sites left to visit; the legendary turtle rock sculptures, Buddhist stupas and the ruins of this once great city to name a few. Erdenezuu - the 1st Buddhist monastery in Mongolia was established in 1586. Today Erdenezuu monastery still shows its glory with collections of many priceless religious objects and incredibly beautiful Mongolian arts. It has a massive square wall, 420 meters in length each side, 108 Stupas & 17 temples.on the way will visit to Mongol els. Walking on the semi sand dunes. Camel riding for 30 minutes. Overnight in ger camp

Day3. Back to UB

After breakfast we will drive to back to UB. Transfer to the hotel