Myanmar has so much to offer and to see. It is a relatively untouched country and difficult to travel around and navigate, and this is coming from someone who has traveled over 60 countries. I normally do it myself. But with Myanmar I did not want to miss anything. Beyond Myanmar and Holly were amazing at setting everything up for us!!! We did 8 days and got to do and see everything we wanted and more! Friends who have been before me said that our trip would have normally taken 12-15 days, and with Beyond Myanmar they organized and did it all in 8. Well worth the money and saved so much time and organizing. They customize the tour as well. As an avid world traveler, I highly recommend going with them! - Brian Wholehan (2017)



" Our 30th wedding anniversary trip to SE Asia was certainly punctuated by a visit to Bagan in Myanmar. The hot air balloon at sunrise, followed by a sunset view atop a temple overlooking the valley, with all the temples and pagodas in the shadows of the dimming sunlighy was inspiring. It took our breath away. Three days of bliss. Our guides in Yangon and Bagan were very knowledgeable and accommodating. We are thankful to Holly for arranging it all. Thanks Holly! "- Rudy and Ismary Rodriguez (2016)



" Hi Holly,

We give it a thumbs up.  Fascinating country, wonderful people, crap government.  Tour guides were really good and it was lucky we spent 5 days with Esther in the Kalaw/Inle Lake area.  She was tops. The B+B we stayed at in Kalaw was terrific-a 20 min walk from town but well worth it.  The Belgian owner makes most of his food from scratch and the accommodation is great. Very European.


All in all no complaints. Trip was well planned and we were really looked after by everyone.  Very glad we went East-very interesting to see how the various tribes live and the tour guide, Michael, was a gold mine of information. On the last day we took the circular train around Yangon which was an eye opener and a learning curve. Also, we managed to visit the school where our son taught in Mandalay. The driver went out of his way a few times for us.


Many thanks for all your time and patience!" Rachelle and Gary Holzman (2015)


" Thanks for organising our trip to Myanmar. We really enjoyed our time in this beautiful country. The guides were great company and informative. The guide in Bagan was very knowledgeable. The guide in Inle Lake seemed to know everybody and the guide and driver in Yangon gave a really good summary of the city.

All the restaurants we ate at were fabulous especially the Burmese restaurant in Yangon. Everywhere we stayed was clean and comfortable although not as luxurous as you would get for the same price in Vietnam or Cambodia. Before we left we were a bit concerned about the safety on the flights but all the aeroplanes appeared to be virtually brand new.

We always felt very safe and in good hands. Although we were very tired from the trip when we returned we are glad we made the effort and we hope that we can return in the future. " - Claire Brown & John Patava (2014)


"Hi Holly, 

Andrew and I want to thank you for the fabulous work that you did for us.  We had a brilliant time on our trip and saw a lot of sights we may never have the opportunity to see again and it really was a huge help having some things booked for us when we arrived.  

We had a fabulous time, it was a bit of a once in a lifetime trip. We met some great people and learnt a lot while we were away, it was a challenging holiday rather than a relaxing one, but it was great in every way." - Amy Byrne and Andrew Cato (2014)


Everything went very well in Burma. A fantastic time and a wonderful country.  Surprisingly easy to travel around.

The highlights, I think, were Bagan and catching the circle train line in Yangon.

Thanks so much for your help in arranging everything! - Wayne Courtney (2014)



The trip was great, Holly. Thank you so much for organising everything. I can't fault anything from your end.

Overall I would say it's an amazing country. It's just so unique, however, tourism is booming and it will be interesting to see how the country copes!

For someone who likes to see completely different cultures and get around by walking, bicycle, motorbike, I had a great time.David Ang  (2014)



I had a fantastic time. The tour was fantastic, all the local staff looked after me very well. They were always ready to go at allocated times and helpful and it was nice walking around with them and they had lots of info to share. It was high class treatment. I saw all the really big sights so was very lucky to go. Inle lake and Bagan are incredible. That resort on Inle lake is really nice too.  Before I had even finished the tour I had recommended your company to a friend and some family members. It was an excellent experience.

I also made it to most of the restaurants you recommended. They were indeed great restaurants.  I was in really fantastic hotels, too. Thank you once again.”- Simon Bruck (2013)



"The trip was great. Everything went to plan. The guides were excellent, each quite different in character but all knowledgeable and polite. The drivers were all courteous and cheerful. We found each location fascinating – it’s difficult to reconcile their recent history with such a diverse culture and unassuming people.

I am surprised how much of the country, the people and their culture we experienced in such a short time - it seems like we has a month there not 6 days.

Thank you for giving us a great experience. It was very well organised" - John Burgess & Athita Tesamarth (2013)

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